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The state is where you store the property values that belong to the component. Changing the state will automatically invoke the render method of React DOM and re-render the component. State is comparable to props, props can use across the components, but it’s specific to the component.

The below diagram…

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The component provides the solution for front-end complexity. It's just breaking the large pieces of complex UI parts into smaller pieces. So the component can be working independently and easily reusable.

The React component can write it in two ways, Class Component & Functional Components.

Before going to a detailed…

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A promise is an object that represents the completion or failure of an asynchronous task and its resulting value

Syntax: For creating a Promise
let promise = new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {

Promises mainly introduced to avoid multiple callbacks in an asynchronous way. The last story explained the callback…

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callback function

A function with an argument of another function to be a callback. eg) function(arg1, callback).

Use of callback function

Sometimes your function fully depends upon the data which u received from another function. …

In the last story, we discussed choosing the keyword ‘this for ES6& ‘super for ES5to access the parent class methods from the child class. It says, in ES6this’ keyword refers to the parent object, but in ES5 the ‘super’ keyword did.

Let’s see how the value of…

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ES6 Standard introduces classes in JavaScript, also this provides great new features which are useful for object-oriented programming.

Basic Syntax of Class

In JavaScript, the class is similar to a function. Like the function keyword, here it will be declared with the class keyword. …

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